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I am trying to create a Task application with Backbone.Js. Task is a model represented on server side as below


  TaskName (string)

  SubTasks (List<Task>)

  Tasks  (List<UserTask>)
  • How do i declare a model that is nested like Task (see SubTasks) here.

  • How should / can i display a data that could be n-level nested on a single view(if it is optimal) does any pattern exist for such a problem.( certainly treeview isn't that friendly for something like this, Indentation can aid in nesting but upto a certain level only & we are limited by screen sizes of browsers, desktop, mobile)

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Perhaps this link can solve your problem http://documentcloud.github.com/backbone/#FAQ-nested.

An alternative could be the backbone relational library https://github.com/PaulUithol/Backbone-relational

Cheers, Fabrizio

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