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At the moment im SCRUM Master for my place of work. We have one SCRUM Team in our organisation which is split across two sites:

Site 1: Scrummaster, Developer, QA

Site 2: Developer, Operational, QA

We currently employ the following Agile practices, which we used to reduce our backlog:

Monthly Sprints Daily Stand ups Burndown Artefacts Business Product Owners Group Estimations 3 monthly role swaps for the SCRUMMaster position within the team. Sprint Planning / Retrospective

Now over the past year this has worked amazingly and we now are looking at "Agile Phase 2" to improve the process further:

Planning Poker User Stories Velocity (Using points) Enhance our Sprint Planning with Stories Introduce the use of XPlanner+

Now I have been reading the excellent book by Mike Cohen on User Stories Applied for the stories part but i have a question concerning storyboards themselves.

  1. We have Geo-Located teams within the UK, so i was going to have one Storyboard but upload pictures to a Sharepoint location for the other team who cannot access it. Is that the best practice? We dont want to invest in digital boards just yet, we want to see how the physical board pans out first.

  2. What size board is the best to use?

  3. Any advice of what type of physical board to get (Metal, etc)

Thanks for the time any advice is much appreciated.

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Hey mate. Am i able to easily port the question over to the PM stack? – garfbradaz Feb 16 '12 at 15:09
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Well I can share my experiences with story boards.

1) To handle the few locations you have a few options besides photos. You could create two boards, one in each location. As long as your members don't mind mirroring the actions of the other members in the stand-ups. There really is something about having the physical board itself staring at you near your work station. When you walk by, it shouts at you, Hey! I'm not done yet! Also there is an odd rewarding feeling when you move your cards around. If you do want to go digital, Trello should be on of the first tools you look at. It's free and pretty awesome.

2) Size is really up to you. It kind of depends on the size of the team, number of stories, length of the sprint, etc. Personally I like it pretty big. I like a board that is big enough to post items with index cards.

3) Cork. Like I said earlier, I like index cards so cork board works great.

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Thanks Steve much appreciated. Ive been advised of Trello and it seems an awesome tool to use for the geoLocated teams. I think we will go for a Cork Board for the time being with index Cards. I have found a nice Powershell script to create stories from Excel.… – garfbradaz Feb 17 '12 at 15:07

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