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I have problem with streamReader and it is when I am reading from large text file.

My program read from text file to extract the data from it with readLine() and send those data to Access Database.

I am using SubString method to define the start and the end of the index.

My database has 231 columns and the text file that im reading from have the size of 700.000 MB.

when I am reading from the file and extract the data the streamreader stop at the column No.201

And throw exception OutOfRangeException but when I minimize the size of the text file like 200.000MB it work fine and I don't know why this happen.

And when I am reading from the 700.000MB text but taking only 200 columns also work good could some one help me with that I would be grateful.

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Can you post your source code please? Just the part where you're reading the file and using the SubString method would be fine. –  Juann Strauss Feb 16 '12 at 15:16
thanx juann for your quick respond. mycode is far too long would be on this page so i upload the whole project to rapidshare so you can look very closely, just run the button and you will see the data in the database that has been extracted from the text file, but you have to do some loop to make it 400.000 line in the text file to get the error that i have. here is the link link –  Ramzey Feb 16 '12 at 21:44

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