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can I use 64 bits OS on virtual machine when my processor is only 32 bits. I have test it with VMware-guest64check and it didn't word( this host is NOT capable of running a 64-bit guest OS under this VMware product.) Can you help me please!

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It's definitely possible in theory! –  Matti Virkkunen Feb 16 '12 at 15:17
It's not possible for you, for vmware it could be. i.e a 64bit-32bit emulator. –  Joseph Le Brech Feb 16 '12 at 15:17

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It is my understanding that at least with VMware, the VM uses the CPU directly so if you have a 64 bit OS, it would be attempting to access the 32 bit CPU directly, thus no it wouldn't work.

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Most virtual machines don't emulate the CPU, they just create a virtual environment for your CPU to execute another OS. That won't automatically allow your 32 bit CPU to execute x64 code.

There are exceptions to this (Bochs naming one) that can emulate a totally different CPU, but the performance will suffer immensely and I can't even think of an x64 one.

In not so many words, no, not really :)

Edit: QEmu seems to be able to run x64 guests on x32 processors. I've not myself tested the performance or stability, but since it may be a solution for your question if you're not necessarily looking for convenience, I thought I'd add the link.

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Quick google search: (IT is your friend)

"You can emulate anything if you know it well enough. And in both cases (64bit CPU and 32bit CPU, with 32bit host OS), you would need to emulate all 64 bit instructions in software. Simply because as far as the 32bit OS is concerned, the 64bit functions purely don't exist."


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In a short sweet answer... NO... At least not easily. I am sure there is a way to "make it work" but it probably would be completely unstable and unusable. I agree with Matti Virkkunen, in theory it could work but would require more then a setting change...

And yes I agree with YouGoTiger... There are 2 sets of instructions/capabilities the processor can do... When your 64-bit OS asks your 32-bit processor to do a 64-bit instruction, it will not understand... Software can emulate this as noted above but it would take some mastery of virtualization in order to.

Good luck!

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