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jquery smooth scroll to an anchor?

I am creating a blog template (here) and would love to allow for smooth scrolling. Links to the various entries are in the sidebar and are simply <a href="#lorem"><li>Lorem</li></a> and so on. Various other questions have been posted here which are similar, but I have tried to incorporate the JavaScript into my website and each time it hasn't worked Common problems are absolutely nothing happening when I click the link, a pause followed by a normal jump to the correct section (with the pause the length that the animation is meant to be) and a completely ordinary jump.

I am new to JS and jQuery, so I would appreciate very literal advice - I am worried that my attempts have so far failed because of one line of code which is taken as given but which I do not know about.

Thanks in advance.

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If nothing is happening, it might mean that you are getting JavaScript errors in which case you would need to get a good JS debugging tool to help troubleshoot the problem. Firebug for Firefox works great. Chrome and IE8+ contain a built in JavaScript console. You should familiarize yourself with one of these. These tools will tell you what the JavaScript error was. –  Jeff Feb 16 '12 at 15:36

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Maybe this website will help you a bit:

or this tutorial:

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I have previously tried the first link with no success, and I just tried the second (again, no luck). Please could you look at the new source code (at the same address as above) and find what is wrong. –  GabrielG Feb 16 '12 at 17:39
After several tweaks, it's finally working! I had to change html, body to #content and download another js script which defines jquery stuff, but it's working now. –  GabrielG Feb 16 '12 at 18:06

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