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I'm looking for a way to specify the placeholder attribute inside a <g:SuggestBox> element, in GWT. I know that the <input> element allows to specify that attribute, but I decided to switch to the SuggestBox element instead of the input one.

Can anyone help me?

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You should create your own custom SuggestBox widget, after that you can set placeholder attribute to it. For example:

public class CustomSuggestBox extends SuggestBox {

 private String placeHolderText = "";

  public String getPlaceHolderText() {
   return placeHolderText;

  public void setPlaceHolderText(String text) {
    placeHolderText = text;
    getTextBox().getElement().setAttribute("placeHolder", placeHolderText);

So, you can set this property in UI binder.

<widgets:CustomSuggestBox ui:field="cSuggestBox"  placeHolderText="someText" />

PS: It works only in modern browser. For implementing it correctly for older browsers as well check out third-party lib wogwt, it has TextBoxWithPlaceholder class which extends TextBox:

 * A text box that displays a placeholder string when empty
 * <h3>CSS Style Rules</h3>
 * <ul class='css'>
 * <li>.wogwt-TextBoxWithPlaceholder { primary style }</li>
 * <li>.wogwt-TextBoxWithPlaceholder-placeholder { dependent style set when 
 * the placeholder is displayed }</li>
 * </ul>

In that case you can send this TextBoxWithPlaceholder's instance to SuggestBox(SuggestOracle oracle, TextBoxBase box) constructor.

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I am not sure that this code getTextBox().getElement().getStyle().setProperty("placeholder", placeHolderText); is correct. I think it should be as described below. –  user1545858 Jan 5 at 22:33

Subclassing a SuggestBox would definately work.
If you don't want to create an additional class you can also easily add the placeHolder to an existing SuggestBoxby setting the attribute directly:

SuggestBox suggestBox = new SuggestBox();
suggestBox.getElement().setAttribute("placeHolder", "SOME TEXT);
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Note that you will get an exception if you call the getElement() method before the widget is added to the DOM. So if you want a solution that allows you to set the placeholder text before it's added to the DOM, and have it appear once it's added, you can hook in to the AttachEvent:

SuggestBox suggestBox = new SuggestBox();
// com.google.gwt.event.logical.shared.AttachEvent.Handler
suggestBox.addAttachHandler(new Handler() {
    public void onAttachOrDetach(AttachEvent event) {
        if (event.isAttached()) {
            suggestBox.getElement().setAttribute("placeHolder", "SOME TEXT);
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