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I have come a long way styling a certain treegrid, attempting to make it not look like a treegrid :D I've removed the connector lines, open/close buttons, icons to only have text and indentation.

However, for some reason when I hover a row, the background still changes to an shade, just like on any regular listgrid when you go over a row. It looks like it's a layer coming over my usual row. Any ideas how to disable this behaviour alltogether and only rely on CSS?

Then, a second issue: how can I create a margin between the rows/nodes in my TreeGrid? Each item has a border set by CSS, and I can't manage to make subsequent rows not sticking together. I need a few pixels in between them.


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you don't want hover on TreeNode then disable it.


for second issue, i guess you just need to increase the height of cell.


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For your first question: you can use the following:


You may also take a look at this link.

Besides there are so many properties related to style in ListGrid such as following:


& many more. You should try them to achieve your desired look for the Tree..

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