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I am using a variation of SlickGrid's Example 7 that allows a value to be selected from a list upon double clicking a cell. However this method does not fire the onCellChange event and I am not catching all the changes to the data. Below is a sample of the code.

grid.onDblClick.subscribe(function (e) {
    var cell = grid.getCellFromEvent(e);
    if (grid.getColumns()[cell.cell].id != "classID") {return};
        .data("row", cell.row)
        .css("top", e.pageY)
        .css("left", e.pageX)

    $("body").one("click", function () {

    $("#contextMenu").click(function (e) {
        if (!$("li")) {return};
        var row = $(this).data("row");
    data[row].classID = $("data");  //< data saved to grid here

Any sugestions as how to trigger the onCellChange function?

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Nor should it really.

Think about it - the grid fires that event if the user initiates the action from within the grid. How would it know that you changed something externally/programmatically?

Just move your handling of the change event into a separate function and call that from both your onCellChange handler and places where you directly update the data.

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