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I'm a little confused by browser prefetching after looking at logs and debugging a website running on my local machine - I can see FireFox prefetching the next page according to <link rel="next" href="/foo/" />, but when I load /foo/, I get two new page hits on the server, for /foo/ and for the page pointed at by the <link rel="next" ... tag on /foo/.

What I expect to happen would be for /foo/ to be loaded from the cache, and for a single request to hit the server according to the <link rel="next" ... tag on /foo/.

The page is served with Cache-Control: private, which I can't see affecting anything, and I can't see anything else in the HTTP headers that might prevent Firefox from serving the prefetched document from the cache, so could someone explain to me why I don't see the expected behaviour?

I'm using FireFox 11 (beta).

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Bah, never mind. Hadn't set an Expires header.

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