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The last days I was trying to install and run the xhprof. I finally made it and I think that it brings up very interesting information. I also installed graphviz and I can generate nice graphs, but I would like to find a documentation explaining what the colors in the graphs mean? What does exactly mean each column of the profiler report and how is it calculated.

I was trying to find something the whole day, but unfortunately the only information that I found were usage documentation.

Does any of you have such documentation or know a link? This link seems to be broken...

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The documentation is still available via archive.org.

I've filed an issue with facebook about it already.

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have you tried this site: http://techportal.inviqa.com/2009/12/01/profiling-with-xhprof/ it contains all required basic information needed for digging deeper into XHProf.

you will also find windows builds here: www.phpfluesterer.de

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Yes and it was very helpful indeed, but I was/am searching for more information about the report than what this article provides. –  x_maras Feb 17 '12 at 8:08

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