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I have migrated a Magento site to another server (the same server the database was already hosted on) and I am no longer able to log in or add items to my cart. I have found a few others who have posted about this type of problem but nothing seems to work for me. I have disabled all caching, etc. Ensured that sessions work. Increased the session lifetime. No errors are being logged anywhere. If I enter wrong credentials I get an error. But if I enter the correct information it just keeps returning me to the login page. I have opened permissions completely. Nothing makes any difference! So aggravated. Please help!

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Thanks for the feedback. I didn't even realize that. I found the answer to this issue so I will post it now. :) –  Aaron Lozier Feb 16 '12 at 19:03

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Found the issue. Well sort of. I think there was a problem with the timezone (the server I moved to was an hour different from the other) but essentially I resolved the problem by increasing the values for two config items in core_config_data:

UPDATE core_config_data SET value=86400 WHERE path='web/cookie/cookie_lifetime';
UPDATE core_config_data SET value=86400 WHERE path='admin/security/session_cookie_lifetime';

The first query fixed the shopping cart problem, the second the admin login problem.

Again I think there is a mitigating factor here as well, but this at least got me over the hump.

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