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I'm getting a JSON string through a comet request. The string is as follows:

"{"tab":2,"changedData":{"from":{"line":20,"ch":0},"to":{"line":20,"ch":0},"text":["a"]},"cmd":"copyChunk","timestamp":1329409543902,"person":{"comradeID":"4ef37369b4812","firstName":"","lastName":"","fullName":"ben team2","nickName":"ben t.","messageCount":0,"email":"ben+team2@squadedit.com","lastPing":1329409537308,"sessionLeader":true,"cursorPosition":{"line":0,"ch":0}}}"

I run it through the jquery json plugin:

var r = $.evalJSON(jsonstring);

But it will not convert the "changeData" object correctly. The rest of it all works, but changedData.from.line and changedData.to.line both result in NaN.

I've also tried sending changedData.from.line as a string and then using


to convert it back to a number, but it still returns NaN. I'm almost positive that 20 is a number, but I've been wrong before.

Thanks in advance.


I apologize, the quotes at the beginning and end aren't actually part of the string. The pitfalls of copy/paste.

Here is the code in context:

onMessage : function(frame)
    //This function calls the handlers.
    //this is fired every time we recieve a message from orbited
    //this is what calls the handler functions
    //body is a json string containing whatever data was sent via the send() function

    delete r;
    //convert the body to an object
    var r = $.evalJSON(frame.body);

where "frame.body" is the string posted above without quotes.

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The code you've put above is not valid js syntax; it has " marks at the beginning/end and internally; JSON is valid syntax, so this can't be exactly what you are receiving. Also, I think you're going to find the problem is in some processing of the data, so we'll most certainly need more code and context. –  Kato Feb 16 '12 at 16:50
Are you sure you're using jQuery? The function evalJSON() is a prototype function. ( prototypejs.org/api/string/evalJSON ) In jQuery, the equivalent would be .parseJSON(). Also, if it were a malformed string, evalJSON() would return with error, so it must be how you're processing the data. –  Jlange Feb 16 '12 at 17:03
What on earth is delete r supposed to do? –  Juan Mendes Feb 16 '12 at 17:08
That does not make any sense, r is a local variable. Also delete only works for properties of objects: like delete obj.prop removes the prop property of obj, it does not work with variables. Moreover, you're overwriting it right after that line, get rid of that delete! –  Juan Mendes Feb 16 '12 at 17:17
Any specific reason you're using a plugin to parse json instead of the standard JSON.parse()? And for backward compatibility o JSON.parse you can use github.com/douglascrockford/JSON-js –  Nikhil Patil Feb 16 '12 at 18:37

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Error is somewhere else. Using parseJSON works perfectly with the string you've given http://jsfiddle.net/mendesjuan/qG6Qv/1/

var str = '{"tab":2,"changedData":{"from":{"line":20,"ch":0},"to":{"line":20,"ch":0},"text":["a"]},"cmd":"copyChunk","timestamp":1329409543902,"person":{"comradeID":"4ef37369b4812","firstName":"","lastName":"","fullName":"ben team2","nickName":"ben t.","messageCount":0,"email":"ben+team2@squadedit.com","lastPing":1329409537308,"sessionLeader":true,"cursorPosition":{"line":0,"ch":0}}}';

var json = $.parseJSON(str);
alert(json.changedData.from.line); //outputs 20

It may be that your problem is that you're assigning the return of parseJSON to a variable r and then you're trying to do Number(changedData.from.line). There is no variable called changedData

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The leading and trailing quote marks " are invalid.

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