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Is it possible to write Test Complete plug-ins in C#? I see that you can write some extension for WPF controls in their documentation. However, can i write full fledged plugins? I am on version 8.5

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TestComplete is a native COM-based application and, therefore, a custom plug-in should be a native dll with the COM architecture as well. Theoretically, it is possible to create it in C#, but I think that a possible result does not worth efforts. Information on the supported platforms (Visual C++ and Delphi) can be found in the Supported Development Tools article.

Please note that there are some samples included in the TestComplete SDK and some user-contributed examples for older versions of the tool:

I guess the current API is mostly the same, for the sake of backward compatibility.

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Thank you for the clear and detailed response. While I definitely agree that it might be messy to deal with a COM wrapper in .net, I feel it would be very useful as there is a lot of interest in UI testing specifically in wpf/asp.net applications. There are other projects that provide it. May be something for a open source effort. Thanks again ! –  praskris Feb 17 '12 at 14:53

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