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I tried to search something similar but I failed, so, I'm asking here this is a piece of my code:

<div id="ui-widget">
<label>Doc Type: </label>
        <select id="classes" onchange="createForm()">
            <option value=" ">Select a type ... </option>
                <#list typenames?keys as key>
                        <#if typenames[key]!="">
                        <option value="${key}">${typenames[key]}</option>


the select tag is using this jQuery: with autocomplete;

The function createForm() is a Javascript that creates different form depending on which selection you make in the select tag; But using autocomplete from jQuery, the onchange event in the select tag seems not working. Is there a method to inject some JavaScript code like my function to work on selection change of this jQuery?

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Use the following to bind the autocompleteselect event for the autocomplete :

$( "#classes" ).autocomplete({
   select: createForm


$( "#classes" ).autocomplete({
   select: function(event, ui) { 
        // your code here 


$( "#classes" ).bind( "autocompleteselect", function(event, ui) {
  // your code here

Docs are here

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Nice one, I'm almost done, now I have to change a little bit of JavaScript code that is not working properly, but at least the function is called on selection. One thing more, I have to select two times the same value in the selection field for function to be called properly, otherwise it calls the last one. I'll try to explain it better: I open the web page with the code I try to make a selection nothing happens try to make the same selection the function is called back I try to call a different selection the function is called with the previous selection and so on. – Alch3mi5t Feb 17 '12 at 11:46

You probably need to bind it to the autocomplete event autocompleteselect

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