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I am using OpenTbs,

I have a template.docx and am able to replace fields with content but if the content has html code it is displayed in the document created by the template.

First list <br /> Second Line

I have tried to use:

$TBS->LoadTemplate('document.docx', OPENTBS_ALREADY_XML); 

Thinking this would allow me to replace my html tags with ms office tags, but it just showed the MS Office tags in the document instead:

First Line<w:br/> Second Line

How do i convert the HTML tags into the MS Office XML equivalent.

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I am pulling my hair out here, this should be very common the text that i replace the tags with [b.thetext] will have HTML styling that i want to turn into MS Word styling like bold and italic, i have found the MS Word equivalent but but can't put get them to function as code they are just outputted into the template as text...any help would be really appreciated. – Blu Towers Feb 17 '12 at 8:58

Since you have a conversion function for HTML to DOCX, then you can implement it in OpenTBS using a custom PHP function and parameter "onformat".

The following function only convert line breaks:

function f_html2docx($FieldName, &$CurrVal) {
  $CurrVal= str_replace('<br />', '<w:br/>', $CurrVal);

Use in the DOCX template :


About converting HTML to DOCX :

Converting a formated text into another formated text is quite often a nightmare. That's why is it wise to store the pure data instead if formated data.

Converting HTML to DOCX is a real nightmare because the formating is not structured the same way.

For example, in HTML tags may me nested, like this:

<i> hello <b> this is important </b> to know </i>

In DOCX it will be presented as crossing, like this :


    <w:t>this is important</w:t>

    <w:t>to know</w:t>

I have no solution for converting tags other than line-breaks for now. Sorry for that. And I think it would be quite difficult to code one.

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I wonder did you end up finding a solution for this? I'm looking for something similar. I would only do basic formatting such as bold, underline & italics etc in HTML. – sluggerdog Oct 9 '12 at 9:10
I've not worked on such a solution, I'm only reporting other's solutions. – Skrol29 Oct 9 '12 at 14:01
Thanks, I think I am going to do this using PDF's instead as I know this will work. Thankyou – sluggerdog Oct 9 '12 at 20:54

Thanks Skrol for your input on all my openTBS issues, just noticed that you are the creator of it, its a great class and what you said above was true after a day of plowing through learning the MS Word Format i had a brain wave and I am now able to produce the format that you specified above and can have bold italic and underline which is all i require, I hope this gives you a foundation to improve upon.

I basically noticed that in the example you put you just need an array of the styles which when you find a closing tag you remove from the style array. Each time you find a tag you need to close the <w:r> and create a new one, I have tested it and it works wonderfully.

class printClass {
    private static $currentStyles = array();    

    public function __construct() {}

    public function format($string) {
            if($string !=""){
            return preg_replace_callback("#<b>|<u>|<i>|</b>|</u>|</i>#",
            return false;

    private static function applyStyles() {

        if(count(self::$currentStyles) > 0 ) {

            foreach(self::$currentStyles as $value) {

                if($value == "b") {
                    $styles .= "<w:b/>";

                if($value == "u") {
                    $styles .= "<w:u w:val=\"single\"/>";

                if($value == "i") {
                    $styles .= "<w:i/>";

            return "<w:rPr>" . $styles . "</w:rPr>";
            return false;

    private static function replaceTags($matches) {

        if($matches[0] == "<b>") {
            array_push(self::$currentStyles, "b");

        if($matches[0] == "<u>") {
            array_push(self::$currentStyles, "u");

        if($matches[0] == "<i>") {
            array_push(self::$currentStyles, "i");

        if($matches[0] == "</b>") {
            self::$currentStyles = array_diff(self::$currentStyles, array("b"));

        if($matches[0] == "</u>") {
            self::$currentStyles = array_diff(self::$currentStyles, array("u"));

        if($matches[0] == "</i>") {
            self::$currentStyles = array_diff(self::$currentStyles, array("i"));

        return "</w:t></w:r><w:r>" . self::applyStyles() . "<w:t xml:space=\"preserve\">";
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