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We have a jRuby frontend (maintained using git) integrated with a Scala backend (maintained using Artifactory). The backend jar files are located in /lib/jars.

As of now, whenever a jar is updated, we download that jar and copy it to /lib/jars. We don't add the jar to git (space, speed, etc) and so we cannot track which jar went with a particular frontend commit.

What we want to achieve it as follows,

  1. Frontend at v1.1, Backend at v1
  2. Frontend at v1.1, Backend goes to v2
  3. Frontend now at v1.2 (force user to update the jar), Backend at v2
  4. Frontend goes to v2.2, Backend at v2
  5. Frontend at v2.2, Backend goes to v3
  6. Frontend now at v2.3 (force user to update the jar), Backend at v3

Whenever the Backend is updated, is there a way to tell the frontend dev that the backend has been updated, and need to do something like "git pull" to get the lastest jar that was pushed by the backend dev into Artifactory.

Possible Solution


1) Backend dev builds jar, pushes to artifactory

2) That build process also updates the version number of the jar in config/jars.rb in the frontend app

3) Frontend git pull downloads the latest jar (but does not add this jar to the commit) if there is a change in config/jars.rb


** Ultimately, the issue is with tracking which version of the jar went in a particular frontend commit without storing that jar in the frontend repo (since it already exists in artifactory)**

Does a git submodule work in this case? Any suggestions?

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I'm confused. You can't look at config/jars.rb to see which version goes with that commit? –  Karl Bielefeldt Feb 16 '12 at 17:40
I suggested that (the 3 steps) as a possible solution. Sorry for not being clearer –  Rahul Feb 16 '12 at 17:48

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As I understood your question, Artifactory's Build Integration feature should do the job. It will allow you to trace each built jar back to the git commit which triggered the build.

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You can write a simple Artifactory plugin that intercepts the afterCreate() event to update the frontend config with references to newly deployed backend jars. Plugins are part of Artifactory Pro.

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