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I am using the OpenNI v1.5.2.23, but most samples I find are for, so I have to change the code everytime to use the new features, instead of the obsolete ones.


OldCode: using xn;

NewCode: using OpenNI;

OldCode: depth.GetDepthMapPtr().ToPointer();

NewCode: depth.DepthMapPtr.ToPointer();

OldCode: depth.GetMapOutputMode();

NewCode: depth.MapOutputMode;

OldCode: new Context(@"..\..\data\openniconfig.xml");

NewCode: Context.CreateFromXmlFile(@"..\..\data\openniconfig.xml", out scriptNode);


OldCode: Bitmap((int)mapMode.nXRes, (int)mapMode.nYRes ...

NewCode: Bitmap((int)mapMode.XRes, (int)mapMode.YRes ...


I am looking at the old then I go to newer samples or documentation to find the right new method/class/property, but that is very time-consuming.

So the question is, did someone made any sort of list of what has changed? (the changelog that comes with OpenNI didn't helped me much)

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