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Is it possible to retrieve info about a certain route by its name, or get a list of all routes?

I need to be able to fetch the _controller value in defaults for any route, not only the current.

Is this possible and how?

P.S.: I found I could get the path to the routes YAML being used, but reparsing it seems unnecessary and heavy.

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I am really good at answering my own questions..

To get routes use getRouteCollection() on the router ($this -> get('router') -> getRouteCollection() inside a controller), then you get RouteCollection instance on which you can all() or get($name).

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Keep in mind that getRouteCollection doesn't use any cached values as its intend is to rebuild the cache. So calling it is highly discouraged. It's not intended for use in production code and has a high performance impact (See: Discussion about the YML routing loader not being cached at runtime). – flu Jan 26 '15 at 15:49

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