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I have some code that uses Debug.Assert & Debug.Trace. When VS 2010 is attached, I can see the assert & trace messages in my output window. However, when VS is not attached, I don't see anything when using the DebugView utility and my application doesn't show a dialog box nor break into a debugger.

I've read the there was some changes to the .NET 4, such that Debug.Trace no longer outputs to trace listeners ( I also read about some optional configuration options to conditionally display a dialog box, when there's an assert ( I tried setting the assertuienabled property to true, but I don't see any dialogs. I then set it to false and set the logfilename to a file in a path I would expect to be writable, but no file is written there.

I ran across an article ( that describes how to use Debug.Assert with ASP.NET, but the article is pretty old and seems like it might have the same problems as I'm having.

My dream would be to either display a dialog to developers like myself with an assert is raised or, failing that, redirect to an error page. Writing to a log file would be next best. As it stands now, the only time I can get any trace or assert output is when the debugger is attached, and it is easy to miss either of these messages.



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Write to the system log. You will need to register your application (one time only, I think) with the Event Viewer (you need some permissions for this), but all output after that should work without any elevated privileges. – user978122 Feb 16 '12 at 19:09
Thanks for the idea. But I really only want this to occur conditionally, for development code. I'd also like the asserts to be more in the developer's face. – Notre Apr 9 '12 at 23:08

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