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Regarding the backwards-incompatible change of Watir 0.5.x Finding elements by :class now matches partial class attributes.

How do I get the old behavior? I.e. to match exact class name.

It is breaking my code, in one case:

# expand all multiple records
 while  $browser.div(:class => "expander").exists?  
  $browser.div(:class => "expander").click

because once .clicked, the div's class becomes "expander hasChildren" (and possibly other classes, depending on table row's color and content). Is there a better way to write that code that expands all rows that are still collapsed?

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To match the exact class name, you could use a regex with starting and ending anchors:

$browser.div(:class => /^expander$/).exists?

This would match exactly "expander" but not "expander hasChildren" or "something expander".

For your other question regarding if there is a better way to expand all rows, I think it really depends on what the HTML for the page looks like. Do you have an example? When I had a similar problem with a similar control, I was able to use the structure of the divs around the clickable ones to make the search more specific.

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Thanks, that helped, only it's brittle. Because every row's first expansion needs to make an AJAX call to fetch more records (I think that's what I noticed in the Firebug Console meanwhile), I'd get a Element is no longer attached to the DOM so I added sleep 1 after the .click and it gets a lot farther down, but still errors like that and leaves the rest unexpanded. –  Marcos Feb 16 '12 at 22:11
Does the control support an expand-all option that perhaps your devs could enable, ore perhaps provide a method for that you could access via executing the js directly? –  Chuck van der Linden Feb 17 '12 at 2:54
@ChuckvanderLinden Unfortunately not, and I wish they were my devs; it is just another site I webdrive for customer accounts which I have no influence over. But finding the right js to exec directly is an idea I could look into deeper (still would need some reliable indication that the DOM had finished updating, though, like .wait_until_present on something predicable) –  Marcos Feb 17 '12 at 8:48
Is the site using a 3rd party control? (often findable via googling for stuff like classnames). If so and you can find a demo site run by the vendor, it could provide a way for others here to look at both how the control works, and your logic for expanding. If you can find a demo site, start a new question about how to go about expanding all rows.. Speaking of which, for stuff like this where interacting with something changes it, one trick I've used is work from the bottom up, not the top down, when clicking on stuff that changes after you click it. –  Chuck van der Linden Feb 17 '12 at 18:50
Two good ideas I hadn't considered. For the bottom-up approach I have to think about how to enumerate all :class => /^expander$/ divs and how to write the for loop that clicks them in reverse. –  Marcos Feb 24 '12 at 18:02
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