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I am trying to store DoteOfBirth from a Calender control in visual studio 2010.

      Dim dob As Date = Calendar1.SelectedDate.Date.ToShortDateString()

I wanna save like dd/MM/yyyy without anything else but when i save it it shows like


I don't know where to change the format and I don't know how to remove the thing attached to the date. I am writing it in vb.net and saving to xml file.

Thanks so much.

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If you're using a DateTimePicker control, you should use the Format or CustomFormat properties.

If you're using the MonthCalendar control ... well, you may consider using the DateTimePicker instead, as per this excerpt from MSDN:

If you need custom date formatting and a selection limited to just one date, you might consider using a DateTimePicker control instead of a MonthCalendar. Using the DateTimePicker eliminates much of the need for validating date/time values.

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Thanks for the answer Liquid .. i found out that, I got that long date because of the column type (date) in the datatable, rather than the setting on the calendar control. If I change the column type to String, i got the date as I wanted but i am not sure it is a good idea to have date as a string. thanks anyway. –  lawphotog Feb 17 '12 at 9:34
@LaurenceNyein: That's not a good idea. You should always store dates in a column with a data type of DateTime (or Date in Sql 2008). You should only ever change the format when displaying the date. –  Chris Dunaway Feb 17 '12 at 16:31

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