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I am using this simple program :-

var evaluator = new Evaluator(
  new CompilerSettings(),
  new Report(new ConsoleReportPrinter()));

// Make it reference our own assembly so it can use IFoo

// Feed it some code
public class Foo : MonoCompilerDemo.IFoo
    public string Bar(string s) { return s.ToUpper(); }

Is there a way , I can use the instance of compiled class foo with in the main program. There is overload in compile that takes a delegate, but I am unable to understand its usage

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I was looking for a similar solution and had no luck finding anything. Until I did something like this...

Assembly asm = ((Type)evaluator.Evaluate("typeof(Foo);")).Assembly;
dynamic script = asm.CreateInstance("Foo");

Given this snippet with the simple program. script.Bar("hello") would produce "HELLO"

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