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Has anyone come up with a solution that allows the I/O performance metrics (IOPs, MBps) to be reported at the process and/or file level? I'm not sure if Linux keeps this info available, but wanted to reach out see what others are doing.

My use cases are:

1) I know that a particular file system and/or device is running hot, but I want to know if it's a particular file that's being accessed or multiple. Potentially the filesystem itself exposes this information. Assume I'm using the typical Linux file systems.

2) I want to know which processes are contributing to the load. Specifically how can I report throughput (MBps), IOPs, response times at the process level? I know that the app could be instrumented to work this stuff out, however, i'm more interested in understanding if the OS exposes this level of data.

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for 2) use your processes to log whatever info you need, like file access and timestamp –  Adrian Feb 16 '12 at 19:44
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  1. You can get the list of of all open files on some device (for example, sda1) with lsof /dev/sda1. But it's unlikely to get throughput information on file level (at least I don't know how).
  2. You can get throughput on process level with iotop. I don't know any convenient way to get IOPS, but you can find it periodically reading /proc/[number]/io.
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