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Here's the exampe:

            <type="button" id="mybutton" value="insert">
            <textarea>My Text</textarea>

I need to change the textarea value when I click on my button. The value will come from a set variable. This code has no other IDs or classes to refer to. So I have the following




This will get me to the next column, but I don't know how to select the textarea from there.

I tried child(), another next() but no luck.

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To select child elements in jQuery we use .children():


Note that this will select all sibling elements to the textarea as well unless you add textarea as a selector in the .children() function call: .children('textarea')

You could also use .closest() and .find():


.closest() finds the first ancestor element that matches the selector, and find, well finds the selector in the descendant elements of the root-selection.

Some Documentation for ya:

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Thank you very much. I tried the same thing you said, but I had Child instead of Children. – gdaniel Feb 16 '12 at 21:23

If this table might change in the future you don't want to be that ambiguous. Here is something that is a little more concrete in what you want:

$(this).closest('table').find('textarea').val('your val');

More info:


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Try using something like this:

jQuery(this).parent().next().find('textarea').val('CHANGE VALUE');;
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There are lot of ways to achieve the same thing. The following is one

$(this).parent().siblings().find('textarea').val("New Text");
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