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I'm trying to build a database project with just newly created script containing references to sys.syscolumns and sys.sysobjects.

The error says

Error   12  SQL03006: 
View: [dbo].[UtilityTableColumnView] has an unresolved reference to 
    object [sys].[syscolumns].  ...\Schemas\dbo\Views\UtilityTableColumnView.view.sql   

VS 2010 is running under Administrator account who is admin on local SQL server 2008 Developer edition.

The script is

CREATE VIEW [dbo].[UtilityTableColumnView] AS 

        O.[id] AS TableSystemId, 
        O.[name] AS TableName, 
        C.[id] AS ColumnSystemId, 
        C.[name] AS ColumnName, 
        C.xtype AS ColumnSystemXType, 
        C.typestat AS ColumnSystemTypeStat, 
        C.xusertype AS ColumnSystemXUserType, 
        C.[length] AS ColumnSystemLength, 
        C.xprec AS ColumnSystemXPrec, 
        C.colid AS SystemColId, 
        C.colorder AS SystemColumnOrder 
        sys.syscolumns C INNER JOIN 
        sys.sysobjects O ON O.[id] = C.[id] 
        O.xtype = 'U'

Any ideas how to resolve this issue?

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You have to add the system database catalog to your project. Add a reference to the schema file located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VSTSDB\Extensions\SqlServer\2008\DBSchemas to your db project references.

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