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Does HUnit have some way of doing approximate equalities? Clearly, this fails:

test1 = TestCase (assertEqual "Should equal" (get_scores) [(0.3, 0.3), (0.6, 0.36), (1.0, 0.3399999)])
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Note: I don't know if there's a correct/official/accepted way to do this.

Here's the source code for assertEqual:

assertEqual :: (Eq a, Show a) => String -- ^ The message prefix 
                              -> a      -- ^ The expected value 
                              -> a      -- ^ The actual value
                              -> Assertion
assertEqual preface expected actual =
  unless (actual == expected) (assertFailure msg)
 where msg = (if null preface then "" else preface ++ "\n") ++
             "expected: " ++ show expected ++ "\n but got: " ++ show actual

Based on that and on JUnit's function for testing double equality, we could create our own in the same style:

import Control.Monad (unless)

assertEquals ::   String  -- ^ The message prefix
               -> Double  -- ^ The maximum difference between expected and actual
               -> Double  -- ^ The expected value
               -> Double  -- ^ The actual value
               -> Assertion
assertEquals preface delta expected actual = 
  unless (abs (expected - actual) < delta) (assertFailure msg)
 where msg = ... same as above ...
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For floating point approximate comparison, there's a library with some nice utils:


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That library doesn't work on Windows. It fails when I try to import Data.AEq. –  drozzy Feb 17 '12 at 19:36
Right. It imports libm for some floating ops. Should be easy to fix (by installing + pointing to a libm, for example) but I can't direct you to the exact right way. –  sclv Feb 17 '12 at 19:55

For my purposes, this helper function worked well enough:

assertFloatEqual text a b = 
  assertEqual text (take 6 (show a)) (take 6 (show b))
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