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I want to extract patterns that appert multiple times in a string. For example,getting two an array lay of two digit integers from a string


I thought result="wahoaet56oihaioet67jlkiwoeah67ladohwae45lkaowearho56".match(/([0-9]{2})/) should give a MatchData object whose captures method should give me an array of matched patters, but it seems there is something I am missing. It only give back the first find. Even using $1,$2,$3 etc doesn't work. I am using ruby

How should I do this?

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what array are you trying to get? [67, 67] ? –  fl00r Feb 16 '12 at 20:30
I wanted the whole array [56,67,67,45,56]. I can understand why you asked this. thanks! –  serengeti12 Feb 16 '12 at 21:06

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should do it

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scan does what you want:

str = "wahoaet56oihaioet67jlkiwoeah67ladohwae45lkaowearho56"
p str.scan(/\d+/) #=> ["56", "67", "67", "45", "56"]
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