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I have a controller method that fetches data to render(fetched data) a HTML view of the same. I wanted to write a test to ensure the jpa model is queried correctly. However I am not finding a way to intercept what is being passed into render().

Can someone please let me know if there is a way to get what is passed into render from a test case. If not should I move this code/line into a different class that I can test easily.


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I know it's not exactly what you want but you could just write some selenium tests that will confirm whether the controller is rendering the correct data in the template. (see: http://www.playframework.org/documentation/1.2.4/guide10#selenium)

Also writing a Functional Test may help (see: http://www.playframework.org/documentation/1.2.4/guide10#controller)

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Could you see if the Play Response object i.e. the out contains your expected value?

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