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With a pending third party application upgrade the .xml files that contain our "$Revision$" tag will now be packaged in a zip file at commit time. How can I get the revision number in the xml file in the zip file updated at commit time or the zip file itself tagged?


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You could also add revision number to the archive filename –  zerkms Feb 16 '12 at 21:23
you know, what svn-keyword inside file will reflect last changes of this file, not repository globally? –  Lazy Badger Feb 16 '12 at 21:58

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SubWCRev if Windows or svnrev if Linux and post-commit hook (for revision-based filename)

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Parameterize your build system to take the svn revision number as an argument. Then it should checkout that revision, and have the revision number available to all the other build / packaging steps.

This makes your "build the latest" rule the same as your "build an old release" rule. The only difference is that you run svnrev once, at the beginning of the build. If you run svnrev multiple times, or if you run it after checking out the latest revision, you can introduce issues when your repository is encountering a heavy check-in rate. Basically you might mis-label the zip file with the "latest" revision number, which would be "newer" than the code you checked out.

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