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My code is as follows:

$.getJSON("http://xx.xx.x.x/directory/index.php?c=json&m=get_listing&jsoncallback=?", { action:'listings' }, function(data) {
// code

This works just fine. But now I'm having a lot of troubles with other libraries that don't play friendly with query strings being enabled. If I turn query strings off, and change the URL above to:


Doesn't work. Any ideas on a work around?


When I turn off query string, and use this:


Safari's console shows the following error:

GET http://xx.xx.x.x/directory/index.php/json/get_listing/jsoncallback=jQuery17102770626428537071_1329431463691?action=categories&_=1329431463695 400 (Bad Request)
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If the last segment is for instance 7, the url must be composed as:

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Doesn't seem to do anything. Confused as to why I'd need to put in the segment number. –  dallen Feb 16 '12 at 22:42
Well, I dont know all structure, just tell the principle. If you dont pass some special chars into the url there mut be no problem. So compose the url as…. –  mlinuxgada Feb 16 '12 at 22:49
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Fixed it. This works:

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