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I want to find out the stack size of .NET thread pool threads in CLR 4.0. Any ideas?


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Curious why you need this.. (or if it's an experiment)? – matt b May 31 '09 at 22:27

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See a similar question here on SO. Doesn't look promising. Additionally, see this link from an MS guy on the issue.

Here's also an untested reference I located that is in assembler:

// OK, let's go assembly:

DWORD dwStackSize; //size of current thread's stack
_asm {
     mov eax,fs:[4]
     sub eax,fs:[8]
     mov dwStackSize,eax

// Don't know how to do this on non-intel CPU's.

Good luck. Also, be sure to ask yourself what you are doing that really needs this information and if there isn't another solution to your problem.

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