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I am having problems running queries with FQL that include a supplied "Large"(beginning with 10000..) User ID

here is an example of one that is not working:

fql?q=SELECT uid, first_name,last_name,pic,pic_square,name 
        FROM user 
        WHERE uid=100002445083370

Is there a way to encapsulate the long number so it's passed as a string?

here is another example:

/fql?q=SELECT src_big 
    FROM photo 
    WHERE aid IN (SELECT aid 
                    FROM album 
                    WHERE  owner=100002445083370 AND type="profile") 
    ORDER BY created DESC LIMIT 1

Has anyone been able to solve this issue? I am testing the queries in the graph explorer with no luck as well.

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I see what the problem is,

The User id I am trying to pass is supposed to be: "100002445083367", but from querying the list of friends and grabbing their User Id, I am getting back "uid":1.0000244508337e+14 which is being shortened to: 100002445083370 (php removing the e+14) throwing off the second query. I need to make sure the id I am grabbing is staying as a string value not a number while I pass it back and forth from PHP and Javascript.

The problem is because of the way PHP handles JSON_DECODE. I had to modify Facebook PHP SDK and add a preg_replace previous to the json_decode. It will make sure json_decode doesn't convert large integers to floats by first converting them to strings.

here is the code: line 803 from base_facebook.php:

$result = json_decode(preg_replace('/("\w+"):(\d+)/', '\\1:"\\2"', $this->_oauthRequest($this->getUrl($domainKey, $path),$params)), true);

here is more information on the subject:

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Wow! Excellent description of what's going on. I'd file a bug against the PHP SDK so they can fix it. – DMCS Feb 18 '12 at 14:28

What do you mean by "not working"?
That query works for me in Graph API explorer but the response is

  "data": [

I think that user-id isn't valid; gives a "Page not found" error for me.

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