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I have a standard implementation of the Single Sign On for iOS with the AppDelegate listening for the handleOpenURL. Prior to today, this implementation was working fine. I have made no changes to the implementation today, yet the redirect from Facebook in Safari ( on the Simulator ) and the redirect from Facebook app ( on the actual device ) no longer return any data to my app.

I am forwarded to login without issue and login successfully to see that I have already authorized the current app and can now click "Okay", which I do. When the app returns to focus ( after Facebook redirects back to it ), there is no data returned with the redirect.

- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application handleOpenURL:(NSURL *)url {
     NSLog(@"url recieved: %@", url);
     NSLog(@"query string: %@", [url query]);
     NSLog(@"host: %@", [url host]);
     NSLog(@"url path: %@", [url path]);

     // from facebook login
     if ( [[url scheme] isEqualToString:FACEBOOK_URL_SCHEME] ) {
          return [SESSION.facebook handleOpenURL:url]; 

    return YES;

The values for all of the logs are empty - the app logs nothing. The request to authorize is below:

 NSArray *permissions = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:
 [SESSION.facebook authorize:permissions];

Again, this very code worked perfectly yesterday and for the last 3 weeks. Today it simply stopped working. Any help is appreciated. Please let me know if more code is needed to evaluate the issue.

Thanks in advance! Jane

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Now - for no explainable reason it is working again. I did check Facebook SDK Status prior to posting here and everything was green. I guess I'll chalk this one up to a blip in the internets.

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