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I noticed on this page that it says the root element for scrollable items. Must be absolutely positioned. This is causing issues when trying to resize the scrollable items container according to the height of the child elements that scroll.

I simply changed position:absolute to position:relative so the container will respect the child height and that worked fine. It scrolls in all browsers fine. Am i missing something here? Why is it mandatory to have it absolutely positioned? Its positioned relative to the container its in which works for me. Just looking for some input/thoughts.


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The actual requirement is just to be positioned in order for the scrolling/paging to work. The scrolling motion is done by animating the left style property. Without positioning, regardless whether relative or absolute, the negative left offset would have been ignored.

So it didn't break when you've changed to the position: relative. If you've removed the position declaration altogether, only then it would break and fail to scroll.

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