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I was told Python was way out there, and C has a difficult learning curve, and am just not sure which way to go. What is the best one I can be choosing as a second language?

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"Way out there" is not a valid critique of a language. It might even be a complement. It's easy enough to learn and deep enough to tackle many problems. Is there something specific you heard about it that turns you off? If so, it might help people to know what that is. –  aaronasterling Feb 16 '12 at 23:55
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Two languages I have found that have really helped me in the study and work field have been C and ASM.

C has helped me understand raw power when it comes to languages. It has also helped me understand the potential downfall of unsafe code. I wouldn't say that it will be too difficult coming from Java and I would even hedge a bet and say you will like it. It's no as robust as Java in terms of supplied functions but the fact that you might have to implement some functions that are native in the vast Java libraries will make you understand the concepts all that much more.

ASM has been my favorite language thus far. If you really want to understand how a computer works, how memory works and how to best optimize your code, ASM a big help. It also humbles you to understand that something simple like printing "Hello World" or even multiplying two numbers is a very complex and fascinating process.

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