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In the apache server installation I have a .conf file which forwards all requests from to c:\www\domain. Now, i'm trying to forward to a different subfolder locally (say c:\www\abcd). i tried adding another .conf which looked like this.

    <VirtualHost *:80>
        DocumentRoot "c:/www/abcd"

        ErrorDocument   404 /404.php
        ErrorLog "C:/logs/error.log"
        CustomLog "d:/logs/access.log" common

        <Directory "c:/www/abcd">
                RewriteEngine on
                AllowOverride All

        <Location />
          Order deny,allow
          Deny from all
          Allow from all

This doesn't work as intended. When i go to , I guess its trying to access c:\www\domain\abcd and showing not found error. Is there anyway to solve this issue without making DNS entries and without making changes to your local hosts file?

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One possible solution would be to make a symbolic link

mklink /D C:\www\domain\abcd C:\www\abcd
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