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I simply wanna get the hour and minute from TimePicker and display it as a string, for example I make the timepicker 13:30, and I wanna get the hour as 13 and minute as 30 seperately.

Thats all I need.

I tried that .getHour() and getMinute() but these methods get me the current time which i dont need.

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I'm not sure what you're doing right now. Try setting up a listener for the onTimeSet method. It has two parameters that are exactly what you need. For example:

Create a TimePickerDialog:

public void onClickSetEndTime(View v)
    TimePickerDialog d = new TimePickerDialog(mActivity,
            timeEndSetListener, timeEnd.get(Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY),
            timeEnd.get(Calendar.MINUTE), false);


Then setup the listener. In my case it's "timeEndSetListener".

private TimePickerDialog.OnTimeSetListener timeEndSetListener = new TimePickerDialog.OnTimeSetListener()
    public void onTimeSet(TimePicker view, int hourOfDay, int minute)
        // do what you need to do with the hour and minute

Good luck.

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