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I'm new to creating extensions and I also don't know much about html but I have an idea for a chrome extension that should be pretty simple so if you give me a little help I may be able to do it.

I want a popup to open when the user clicks the extension-icon (like most extensions) and the popup is supposed to contain a webpage like "". That's actually about it. I created the manifest file with the required data and thats fine, now I need to know how to make the html file contain the external webpage. Another problem: when I tried different things in the html file the popup was tiny and just white.

I hope someone can give me hint. Thanks!

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I have made an extension wich displays links to several websites. My popup.html looks like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<a href="" target="_blank>Google</a> <br/>
<a href="" target="_blank>StackOverflow</a> <br/>

The target="blank means it opens the site in a new tab

More information about html is found here:

Be sure to make the icon 19x19 pixels,and be sure to name it in the manifest.json file with the filename extension for example

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target="_blank" actually means it opens in a new window. If you've set your preferences to open new windows in a new tab, it'll do that instead. – Roddy of the Frozen Peas Aug 6 '12 at 19:17

You should be able to use an iframe tag within your popup. I do that many times to point the user a FAQ page hosted outside.

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