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I have a realy strange issue with jquery mobile:

I use a table and hide rows:

$('tr ...').hide();

Within the table rows, there are defined buttons, such as: button1.

First I call $('#button1').hide and afterwards $('#button1').show to make visible the row, but the button is away, hence I call:


The big problem is now, that I cannot attach any click events again, and the previous events are away.

I tried the following stradegies to attach the event:

$("#button1").click(...); bzw. $("#button1").live('click', ...);

$(document).ready("#button1").click(function() {

$(document).ready("#button1").live('click', function() {

Neither the first nor the second variant is working. The last two variants are working but I do not get the correct sender object as event parameter ( i.e.: $(this).attr('id') ).

Do you know a solution for this problem, I would really appreciate some help.

Thanks in advance, Martin

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Do not use $(document).ready() in jQuery Mobile! Check DOCS for explanation!

Maybe this will help you

    //do things with button show hide etc..
    //then append event to button after show, or before, or when you want
    var some_variable = 'button1';
       alert("Button pressed: " + some_variable);
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thanks for your answer. I found the mistake, it was a bug in my code. By fault, I was not only hiding the table rows but also the buttons. If I just hide the TR's, than the click events are still there. For the bootstrap, I currently use $(document).live('pagebeforeshow', ...);, so everything works fine :)

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