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maybe stupid question, but i am trying to read plist that I have in my app. That's no problem, but here is my problem. I have my plists in main bundle, but i want to update them dynamically from the web, but there is no permission to write to main bundle, so how can I put the plists to the documents directory of the app???

Or is there any possibility to overwrite them in main bundle when I download new ones from internet?

Thanks all!

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You should check if the one inside Documents exists at first execution of the application, otherwise copy it from the main bundle (with class NSFileManager you can easily do that).

Then you always work on the one in Documents folder, even because, as you stated, you are not allowed to modify things that reside in main bundle. They are considered read-only.

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okay thanks a lot =) and when I download the new ones, then just only overwrite it=) Thanks a lot, really helped=) – Radim Halfar Feb 17 '12 at 2:19

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