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I have 2 inputs... a text field and a submit button. I'm using custom background-images on both via CSS. The images both have the same height of 18px. In Chrome the button gets displayed slightly lower than the text-field. In firefox, it's spot-on.

The CSS I'm using is:

.search-field {background: url('search-field.png') no-repeat transparent!important; width: 117px!important; height: 18px!important; border: none!important; margin-right: -7px!important; }

.search-button {background: url('search-button.png') no-repeat transparent!important; width: 16px!important; height: 18px!important; border: none!important; text-indent: -9999!important; text-transform: capitalize!important;}

The HTML I'm using is:

<div class="search">

    <input class="search-field" type="text" />
    <input class="search-button" type="submit" value="" />


The screenshot below is from Chrome. I seem to be able to correct it in Chrome after tweaking the CSS for the field, but then it breaks in FF the opposite way.

Chrome Screenshot

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Can you please provide your HTML & a screenshot of what it is doing? Have you looked in the inspecter to see whats causing it? –  Jess McKenzie Feb 17 '12 at 4:59
Updated question w/ HTML / screenshot from Chrome. I'm not sure what exactly is causing it. I can fix in in Chrome w/ a position:relative and a top: -4px; but that breaks it in FF the opposite way. –  binaryorganic Feb 17 '12 at 13:04

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hope this helps.. Check the fiddle.. http://jsfiddle.net/mvivekc/XNNAW/

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Wow! Thanks! That fixed it in both browsers. Can you explain what's happening so I can make sense of it? I see the added border and the height change for the button (as well as the display: block and float), but I'm still not getting WHY this corrects the problem. If you find a second and are able to explain it I'd be much obliged! –  binaryorganic Feb 17 '12 at 14:21

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