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Why is it that i get a jni/Android.mk:9: * missing separator. Stop.

error whenever i try to ndk build? My code is as follows

gnutls-3.0.12/lib/debug.c \
gnutls-3.0.12/lib/gnutls_pcert.c \ 
gnutls-3.0.12/lib/pkcs11_secret.c \
    gnutls-3.0.12/lib/gnutls_kx.c \

is it a syntax error or am i separating my .c files wrongly?

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Which is line 9? If it is pkcs11_secret.c, then that is because you have space at the end of line 8 (where gnutls_pcert.c is). Backslash \ must be at the end of line. There should NOT be anything after it - even spaces. That's because it should escape newline, not space.

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Thanks for replying, but i don't quite understand what is wrong, could u please rewrite the above in the correct syntax so i know what i did wrong? Backslash \ is at the end of the line in my example isn't it? –  user922770 Feb 17 '12 at 6:52
nvm i've got it now, thnx! :) –  user922770 Feb 17 '12 at 6:57

its caused by the spaces in the path move the file to a directory on your system that has no spaces in the path. in my case, i had

C:\Users\KC ochibili\Desktop\fmodapi44444android.tar\fmodapi44444android\api\lib\armeabi\fmodex.so

because of the space between "KC" and "ochibili" i was getting the errors

so i moved my file to


problem solved

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