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I would like the code samples to have line numbers, a border, a background color, and be in courier. The code samples should be able to span pages, so a text box may not be the best solution. Is there a style sheet available for doing this?

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Are you using Visual Studio? If so, then you should just be able to cut & paste it from the VS-IDE to word. Since the VS-IDE code Copy is in rich-text form, Word will preserve the formatting when it is pasted in. I do it this way all the time (including with SQL) and it works far better than anything else that I have come up with.

(If you're not using Visual Studio, then sorry, I do not know.)

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While its not the best way to do things, one popular approach is to just take a screen shot of your window in your favorite editor and embed the image in the word document.

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God no, how could you copy and paste from a document like this? – Manuel Ferreria May 31 '09 at 19:12
I never said that it was a good way to do it. Just a popular one. – Cdsboy May 31 '09 at 19:59

paste -> special -> unformatted text ?

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