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I want to edit or change the ram size while creating the android emulator from command line.

EX: While creating the emulator it's taking default ram size(Android SDK 4.0.3) 512 MB But I want to increase it to 768MB or decrease it to 256MB.

I want to change only Ram size. Because there is an option to change the Ram size.

 Do you wish to create a custom hardware profile [no] Yes

If you entered yes, we need to provide so many things.

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You need to find the config file for the AVD that you have created.

In my case, I'm running the AVD on Ubuntu, so this is where I found the config file.


"emulator" was the name I provided when I created the AVD, so the directory name will depend on what you provided.

The following is what is inside the config.ini file:


I increased my heap size from 24 to 64, and added the ram size parameter.

For the list of parameters you can add, refer to: Managing AVDs from the Command-line

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“use an editor” ≠ “from command line” –  Martin Feb 27 '14 at 13:10

You can change the default value of hw.ramSize in hardware.ini which you uses. For example, if you change the platforms/android-15/skins/**WVGA800**/hardware.ini to


Then you can create an avd that has 1024M of ram by using:

android create avd -f -t <target> -s **WVGA800** -n test_avd
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Using WVGA800 did not work for me — but then I create an API 10 compatibility tests emulator. –  Martin Feb 27 '14 at 13:08

To answer the question in the title,

how to change the android emulator ram size from command line?

one has to use -memory option:

emulator -memory 768 -avd <AVD_NAME>


emulator -memory 256 -avd <AVD_NAME>
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