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What structure type do I use for HTML content (MySQL)

What's the best way to store html code in mysql?

if i have et's say an entire page source code and I want to save it, what kind of data shoudl i use in mysql?

also, it it better to just save the code as a file, with a filename equal to an unique id created in mysql (maybe to save space in mysql?)

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What are you trying to do with it? Are you trying to build a dynamic page? Personally I don't believe you should ever store html in a database. If you are building a dynamic pages that have common pages you might be better to make the multiple generic files that you can pass the data and parameters to. –  em3ricasforsale Feb 17 '12 at 3:48

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I would recommend TEXT. I think blobs are more for multimedia etc. than text.

wikipedia blob

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Data type to store HTML in Database would be TEXT

but you have to encode it using mysql_real_escape_string

$html="Yor HTML";
$sql = "INSERT INTO tbl (html) 
VALUES ('" . mysql_real_escape_string($html) . "')"

or use Prepared Statements

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You can use BLOB or TEXT

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