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I am having an issue passing a :locals variable to two levels of views. Normally, I just use one and am just wondering if there is something that prevents this:

For example:

<%=render :partial => 'shared/following', :locals => {:following => @following} %>

in shared/_following.html.erb (assuming item is of type 'Location'):

<% following.each do |item| %>
   <% class_type=item.class.to_s %>
  <%#works fine %> 
  <%=debug(item) %>
  <%# a bunch of different types of things to follow %>
  <%=render 'shared/box-'+class_type.downcase! , :locals => { :item => item } %>
<% end %>

in shared/_box-location.html.erb:

<% # this doesn't work nor does %>
< %>

Can I do locals two levels deep? How can I / should I rectify?


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You might not need the 'shared' in the second partial call since you're already within the shared directory. Have you tried just displaying html (sans the item) at the second level to see if it even renders? – MunkiPhD Feb 17 '12 at 4:00
yeah, I put some html in there that renders fine. when I <%=debug(item) %> I get an error. The only thing that gives me somewhat of a positive answer is <%=debug(@item) %> which gives me null but at the first level, the information is there. I'm sure this is something so simple. thx – timpone Feb 17 '12 at 4:11

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Also note that explicitly specifying :partial is required when passing additional options such as :layout.


:locals is also an additional option, so try this:

<%= render :partial => 'shared/box-'+class_type.downcase!, :locals => { :item => item } %>
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doh! - that's it. thx for looking at this. – timpone Feb 17 '12 at 4:19
There are two other short forms you can use that don't require :partial -- (1) render :partial => 'item', :object => @item can be shortened to render @item (2) render :partial => 'item_selector', :locals => { :item => item } can be shortened to render 'item_selector', :item => item – bjnord Oct 18 '13 at 0:43

You need to use either

<%=render :partial => 'shared/box-'+class_type.downcase! , :locals => { :item => item } %>


<%=render 'shared/box-'+class_type.downcase! , :item => item %>
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Could you please try this, make shared/box to be partial.

<%=render :partial =>'shared/box-'+class_type.downcase! , :locals => { :item => item } %>

Hope it will help.

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Sometime back I faced the same issue. I just added ":partial" and after that it worked. Try this.

<%=render :partial => 'shared/box-'+class_type.downcase! , :locals => { :item => item } %>
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