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I am trying to create some graphs in D3. So far love it, but I'm getting a bit stuck. I want to create one area to hold the data points and another to hold the axis and labels. I think I will go even more fine grained than that to make updating the graph more efficient. But the issue I am having is that I can't seem to select sub elements within the SVG.

Here is what I have:

var graph ='#Graph svg')
if (graph[0][0] == null){
    graph ='#Graph')


Now I have not found a way to select that data container. I have tried"#Graph svg data")

But no luck. Any Ideas?

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If you want to select something with an id of data, you should be selecting #Graph svg #data, right? – Phrogz Feb 17 '12 at 17:18
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Let's try this code."#Graph svg").selectAll("g")

"g" means to select all node "g" under svg node.

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When creating your data container with append, you can save the selection to a variable.

var dataContainer = graph.append("svg:g")

If done in this way you won't need to make the selection (in a similar way you have done with graph on the 1st line), because it is already stored in your var dataContainer.

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