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I'm looking for a regex statement to verify a string is exactly 2 lines. I'm using the .Net regex syntax.

I want to make sure that the whole input string is included. I assume I'll need the \A and \Z markers at the start and end of my expression. I'm also using the Unicode line boundaries of (\r\n|[\n\v\f\r\x85\u2028\u2029]).

So far I have created the follow. Although it does not work as expected.


Example input


some line
other line

No match

some line
other line
this is incorrect input

The line can have an optional new line character after the last line. As long as it doesn't have any text.

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Wow that is an ugly regex. –  M.Babcock Feb 17 '12 at 4:13

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^ - start of string
[^\r\n]+ - any character that isn't a CRLF (New line) (1 or more times)
\r\n - match a CRLF (new line)
[^\r\n]+ - same as before
$ - end of string

just read your last bit, you can have optional new line at the end with

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Your solution is very close to what I went with. I changed \r\n with the more generic (\r\n|[\n\v\f\r\x85\u2028\u2029]). I also used \A and \Z instead of ^ and $ because I want to check at the start end end of the whole string. Final regex is \A[^\n\v\f\r\x85\u2028\u2029]+?(\r\n|[\n\v\f\r\x85\u2028\u2029])[^\n\v\f\r\x85\‌​u2028\u2029]+?\1?\Z using the single line option. –  Jason Feb 20 '12 at 21:59

You are going to have to play with your regex options, but ultimately your regex should look like this


the \n* at the end is your optional newlines

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