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I am using edismax SearchHandler in my search and I have some issues in the search results. As I understand if the "defaultOperator" is set to OR the search query will be passed as -> The OR quick OR brown OR fox implicitly. However if I search for The quick brown fox, I get lesser results than explicitly adding the OR. Another issue is that if I search for The quick brown fox other documents that contain the word fox is not in the search results.


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If you want an OR search using edismax you should set the mm (must match) parameter to 1. Not 100% sure if/how the defaultOperator works using edismax qparser. according to "It is preferable to not use or rely on this setting; instead the request handler or query LocalParams should specify the default operator. This setting here can be omitted and it is being considered for deprecation." –  d whelan Feb 17 '12 at 4:55

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Make sure mm is 0%. Then the search should be OR.

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