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I've referred lot of things for payment processing system to android app. It proviedes Paypal's SDK as best to do. But, i've little confusion in there for below image -

What's the difference between these two - Mobile Express Checkout Library & Mobile Payment Libraries. And, which one will i choose to do the payment processing for android app. Anyone please, explain with brief explanation please. Thanks in Advance.

Payment Processing

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I hope this will help you :

Mobile Payment Libraries (MPL): Add in-app payments by just adding a Pay with PayPal button to your iOS or Android app. PayPal’s library will display an in-app UI to ask the buyer to log in and complete the payment. It's the quickest way to add payments into your app, and you can do it without having back-end services running.

Mobile Express Checkout Library (MECL): If you want the PayPal checkout flow to be in a browser or webview, you can use our Mobile Express Checkout Library. This is useful if you already have a express checkout integration completed for your website or if app store policies require you to complete your checkout flow in a browser. This library will help you integrate the mobile web flow into your app.

I got this information from here.

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Yes it's very useful for me. Thanks you. I've been waiting for this explanation. –  Galaxy S2 Feb 17 '12 at 6:38

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